Wooden Sofa - Teak Finish

Wooden Sofa - Teak Finish

Project Description

1. Color-coordinated. The Raymond sofa's elegant design gives your living area a casual, laid-back vibe while also making it appear larger and more open. Its tiny, slatted structure is contrasted by large, velvety cushions, encouraging you to sink right in. The removable cushions also make it simple to dust any popcorn or cookie crumbs that may have accumulated.
2. The frame of this sofa is composed of seasoned solid wood that has been kiln-dried for moisture management and has undergone a three-step treatment to protect it from borers.
3. Cotton is used as a cushion stuffing.
4. Cushions that can be removed
5. Medium-firm cushion softness
6. Dimensions can be found in the photos.
7. Only for indoor use


Sofa Style : Vintage

Cushion Type: Firm

Material : Solid Wood

Shape : Rectangular

Colour : Midnight Indigo Blue



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