Parallel Kitchen

Line Kitchen

Project Description

This kitchen resembles a corridor, with appliances and workstations lining two opposing walls. Ideally, food storage and preparation should be on one side of the burner or stovetop. The disadvantage is that traffic travels through the heart of the city.

OKitchen segregation is an important factor that makes kitchen activities much easier to do. Parallel Kitchen design is an example of a modular kitchen that emphasises the importance of separating distinct working areas within your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, for example, you will have a lot of difficulties cooking and washing at the same time. A parallel kitchen allows you to maintain all of your kitchen appliances on one side that require a dry and moisture-free environment, while separating the wash basin and other water-intensive tasks on the other. It's a good choice for homes in Pune when there are two different cuisine cultures living together. It means that vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods can be kept separate so that neither one has an allergic reaction to the other. Parallel kitchens are similar to U-Shaped kitchens in that they are quite comfortable to operate in even when there are two or more people inside.


Shape: Parallel Shaped

Finish: Matte