Line Kitchen

Line Kitchen

Project Description

This may be the only solution in every tight area, but even if everything is meticulously laid out with the sink in the middle between the stove and the refrigerator, it still entails backtracking during meal preparation.

Of all the kitchen types, this one uses the least amount of room. It's a great shape for compact kitchens and apartments. This runs along a single wall, but it cleverly accommodates all of your kitchen appliances and furniture. The nicest thing about a Line Kitchen is that it does not interfere with other rooms and does not detract from the interior design of the room in which it is put. Rather, it frees up a significant amount of area for you to arrange your television, couch, or bed, transforming it into a living or dining room. It allows you to accomplish your cooking tasks while also resting in the same area when you're tired.


Shape: Line Shaped

Finish: Matte